My Story

While I was reading the book, “Change your Thoughts Change your Life – Living the wisdom of the Tao” by Dr. Wayne Dyer, it dawned on me how profound yet simple was the wisdom contained in this book, and how my child was already demonstrating this profound wisdom in his way of being. It dawned on me right then and there, how we as parents, unwittingly (perhaps for social reasons of fitting-in) maneuver our kids away from this pure, divine way of being and then applaud them on behaving like grown-ups. On the one hand I ask that he behave like a grown up and on the other, I wish to be more like my little one.  Hmm…quite a contradiction right there! The book served as a reminder that in order for me to experience my original essence I need look no further than my sweet little boy. Who better that to guide me to return to that place of wonder, joy, curiosity, innocence and connection? Yes, I was ready for a transformation!

Before this point, I thought I had understood the wisdom contained in many of the texts based on spirituality and philosophy, and I could “preach” to others about life, but it was only then that I actually got it, viscerally, that I really didn’t possess all the answers; rather I was being steered in the direction of further self-inquiry - a continuing self-inquiry.

Therefore, right that very moment after finishing the book, I was profoundly moved to write one based on a similar idea and especially for families with young children. The intention was to reconnect to that place of bliss within that most of us - adults and children alike - have somehow lost along the years and if we could experience the wholeness of who we really are, our relationship with our selves and others would shift for the better. Thus, as families heal, so will the world.

From that point on I started taking a closer look at every choice I was making as a parent, being more mindful about almost everything, including food choices; voicing of my views and opinions about people and the environment; getting curious about my true life purpose; and of course self-publishing my book (“I Know the Way – 81 fun ways to live the Tao”), as all of this was going to shape my child’s psyche and how he would process life, with its myriad opportunities, possibilities and challenges.

My journey on the path of conscious living thus brought me clarity about my life purpose. I identified that my passion is to offer guidance and support to those individuals who are looking for ways to nourish their mind, body and spirit so as to become better role models for their children. I realized that health and sustainable living is achieved not only through healthy eating but also through loving relationships, enjoyable physical activity, fulfilling career and a well-grounded spirituality.

Of course this realization would never have come were it not for some interesting challenges. Since the birth of our second child in 2009 through the year 2012, my entire family for the first time dealt with health issues related to food allergies and sensitivities, ranging from mild to severe (and everything in between)! I relate this as an “interesting” challenge because of the memories that we still savor…

… having enjoyed our favorite, familiar foods prepared with new ingredients.

… having shared the same foods as a family and not having the spotlight shone on one “deprived” individual.

… knowing that “safe” foods are accessible, as we learn to ask the right questions

… having opened up our minds (and palettes!) to ingredients, flavors, textures and heartiness of completely new, whole and nutritious foods.

In essence, having embraced the unknown with gladness!

As a family, we all learnt that how well we recover from any affliction is not only attributed to the quality and types of foods we ingest but also to the thoughts we think about the food, about the self and about others; how we can view a crisis as an opportunity for self-awareness; and also to appreciate that what works for one person need not work for another, be it with choices relating to foods, exercise, entertainment, spiritual practice or any other.

Along the way, I am continuing to learn that I am a work-in-progress. I can never “get it all done” but what’s in my control is to aspire to being better today than I was yesterday and be better tomorrow than what I am today. It’s all about improvement, even if gradually, but surely.

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