“You have what it takes to get you to wherever you want to be” ~ Sustainable health and a fulfilling life (re)defined


“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask.” ~ Tony Robbins


Do you wake up each morning feeling that there is more to your life than this (whatever “this” means in your specific context)?  Is there a greater purpose to your life than your default, next activity?  Perhaps you wish you could smile more from your heart and not just from your lips?  What makes your heart sing?  What does your ideal (dream) life look like?  Where are you holding yourself back? Do you sometimes feel stuck or stagnant?  You have done all that you should be doing - all the “right” things, and those around you have nothing but accolades for you.  Yet, you are not truly happy.  Are you wondering why?  You want to be seen and loved for who you really are.  Has that been your reality?  Do you know who you really are? 


Answers to these contemplations lie within your innermost being.  Once you tap into your innermost being and “meet life” each day from that space, you will find that you have what it takes to get you to wherever you want to be


This naturally leads to the next few questions: “Where do you want to be?”  “What does the grandest version of “you” look like, feel like, act like?” “What does a fully self-realized life look like to you?” “If you tapped into your full potential, how would your life change?” “What is the legacy you wish to establish?”


As you pose clear questions, you will receive clear responses.  Some people do ask questions, such as in prayer, but not everybody listens or interprets the responses.  The answers or guidance can come in many ways, such as epiphanies, ideas, visions, synchronistic meetings / events, crumbling of established “structures” / “constructs”, and so on.  Responses are perpetually flowing (perhaps in one or more forms as described) towards you, but if you have blocks to receiving or listening, then you are bound to miss them, and may end up feeling like a victim – as if life is happening to you, and you are powerless!


Major blocks are almost always internal (within you).  Some external realities such as natural disasters, family drama, political climate, etc., may certainly be triggers, but the shock, fear, trauma, and memories get lodged internally, within your bodily systems.  Internal blocks must be released, else they may manifest as illnesses and / or imbalances in all areas of your existence – physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual.


The famous poet and philosopher, Rumi has said, ““Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  This can be modified slightly to read: “Your task is not to seek answers, but to merely seek and find barriers (and blockages) within, that you have built against receiving those answers.” Once you find the blocks and barriers, you will be able to find ways of overcoming or at least, minimizing them, and hence be able to listen to your inner guidance or answers.  Once you have the guidance / answers, you are at choice, as to what to do with it.  You have the potential to become a victor, and cease to be a victim!


Many have a tendency to put off what must be looked in the eye - which again is a block, is it not?  Procrastination only delays the inevitable.  If you want to make any shifts in the desired direction, why not wake up to what is so, and do what needs to be done?  This may seem more easily said than done (perhaps that is why is considered a block)! 


However, you will notice that once you set the process in motion by taking the first step of committing to your own wellbeing, you will have tapped into a new found inner energy / vitality that comes into play, almost magically.  This is primarily because you have put your needs first and are committed to taking the necessary steps in the direction of inner-growth.  This shift in attitude allows you to open up the channels of self-awareness.  You may wonder, how a shift in attitude can affect self-awareness?  Your newfound inner vitality can be likened to a light switch that comes on, and illuminates your inner workings, which you are able to sense (at the level of body, mind and spirit). 


Once you begin practicing self-awareness, you will realize how empowered you feel with the knowledge of your own self – of your bodily systems (physical and non-physical).  You can no longer play the “victim” game.  This empowerment creates choice, and you get to choose the action you wish to take (or not).  This in turn leads to a true sense of (inner) freedom.  With this freedom, comes true joy and bliss.  You do not require anything from the outside to make you happy.  Your happiness and bliss stem from within you! 


As a renewed version of you, how would the quality and authenticity of your (inner) voice, answer the questions posed in the opening paragraphs?  Can you fathom the (life affirming) effects of connecting to your innermost being?  Are you inspired to commit to your inner growth and set this process into motion, thereby busting the first block (i.e., lack of commitment) that stops many on their tracks before they even get started?


If your answer is a resounding (or even a faint), “yes”, then we congratulate you on your success and invite you to take another step forward with us!  In this milestone step, we will show you how we can fully support your unique journey of inner-growth, step-by-step, and help you cross the chasm from feeling low, lost, despaired, and unbalanced to feeling vital, self-aware, empowered, and whole. 


This chasm can be effortlessly crossed, once you clearly define what you truly desire or wish to create in your life.  Then you commit to taking the necessary steps towards harmonizing your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodily systems so that “you”, who are the vessel / channel / instrument of your (divine) will, can carry out what you came on earth to do! 


We are committed to supporting your journey of inner growth by helping you:


a) identify and clarify your individual goals/dreams/intentions for your overall health and life;

b) explore your innate strengths, talents and potentialities;

c) create a roadmap for how you can achieve your specified goals/dreams/intentions;

d) identify roadblocks, barriers, resistances, blind spots, shadows, and belief systems that interfere with the realization of your goals/dreams/intentions;

e) devise creative ways to overcome these roadblocks to manifestation using a myriad of tools, tips, and techniques;

f) integrate and anchor the new set-point or way-of-being, within your nature to ground and cement these changes/shifts; and

g) receive support, guidance, mentorship, and encouragement for an extended period of time until these positive shifts have taken solid root within your being, and become your second-nature


We use two primary approaches to facilitate the above, step-by-step process; namely, integrated health & life skills coaching and in-depth energy healing.  This is made practicable by the implementation of several scientific, metaphysical and divination tools as well as through the integration of conscious living strategies, all of which are rooted in ancient wisdom and explained by modern science, including also, anecdotal evidence.  Several of these suggestions and recommendations are repeatable and therefore, also sustainable.  These time-tested and validated tools, techniques, and modalities are offered and explored through open-ended reflections and heart-to-heart conversations – fundamental for self-awareness, empowerment and transformation, leading to inner growth in all aspects. 


Our service offerings are based on the following guiding principles:


i) You are as unique as a snowflake, and there is no one, quite like you.  This underlying philosophy governs our value proposition and we tailor the program according to your individual needs at the time.  One size does not fit all. Hence, our offering is designed to fit your individual size, so to speak.


ii) There is never a dearth of information or self-help tools available for you to choose from.  However, one way that our offering is unique, is that we not only share with you the tools and resources you need, but also hold you accountable to the steps you have committed to take.  This is where the rubber meets the road!  Good intentions (and innumerable tips and techniques) are no good, unless they are implemented in daily life.  This is the crucial step where many a deviation occurs.  We are experts in helping you stay accountable to your word, and ensure that you stay committed and on the path.  You will never be left out, feeling lonely, or sidetracked, on this journey.  We will walk right by your side, through the entire life cycle of the program, as outlined above.


iii) Nobody knows you better than you, yourself.  We will have peer-to-peer type interactions, where we will discuss and share perspectives on the situation or idea at hand, rather than simply offering a “prescription” or “to do list”, for you to blindly follow.  “Holier than thou” is not our approach.  We will support you in clarifying your own answers that lie within you, through exploration and reflection.


iv) You did not end up in your current predicament, overnight.  Several years or decades of non-action or delays in committing to self-care and / or implementing changes, have contributed to how you are feeling about your life and overall wellbeing today.  Therefore, be patient with yourself (and your journey) and allow ample time for the U-turn.  Easy does it.  Gradual step-by-step shifts are sustainable in the long run, rather than rapid, overnight, and forced changes.  We will not suggest more that you can handle, in any moment.  We will encourage you to get to your edge, comfortably.  This can be likened to your doing a yoga pose or a certain exercise routine; you come to the edge of your comfort and hang there for just a bit longer, before you ease out of that pose / routine.  Once you are comfortable with your new “edge”, you would be naturally ready for the next layer of shift / change.


v) Slip-ups or backslides may occur every now and then, when implementing the recommended action steps.  This is often expected and encouraged, as valuable life lessons in behavior patterns and self-awareness can be learned from such experiences.  We, as qualified and experienced advisors, are able to foresee and address potential slip-ups, ahead of time during the sessions.  Once we identify the potential snags, we discuss ways to help you overcome or minimize them.  This helps you feel better prepared to meet any such eventuality, should it ever occur along your path.


vi) This inner growth process, although facilitated and guided by us, is executed entirely by you.  You are the one living your life and implementing the suggestions we jointly explore on the sessions.  Your results will directly correspond to your dedication, will, and ability to follow through with your commitments. 


vii) You are nourished by not only the foods you eat, but also “non-food” foods that you consume on a daily basis.  The quality of your relationships, career or vocation, physical activity, spiritual or religious practices, home environment, self-care routines, etc., impact your wellbeing.  In order to address the various tangible and intangible facets of your life, our value proposition / service offering encompasses diverse forms of coaching, counseling and healing modalities.  Life rarely unfolds in a linear fashion, so why must health and healing strategies be approached in that manner?  All aspects of life that nourish you, will be addressed concurrently in order to ensure a successful implementation and hence lead to the fruition of your desires.


viii) In order to set you up for guaranteed success, we propose a series of pre-determined, structured sessions as opposed to random sessions, based on whims and fancies.  Implementing any action step; experiencing the results; making iterative changes as needed; dealing with self-sabotaging behaviors and roadblocks that stall progress; and making gradual step-by-step shifts takes more than just a few sessions here and there.  This is especially so, if you are intending long-term sustainable health, healing and wellbeing in various facets of your life.  That is why we have designed our program to span a longer period of time, with at least a week in between sessions where you can practice or implement the recommendations.  Within a lengthier span of time: seasons change, planetary positions shift, life ebbs and flows, external environments change, and so on.  Consequently, your day-to-day needs, habits, life style choices, nutrition, etc., might change or alter accordingly.  You would get to learn and apply new life skills and healing tools to face the demands of, and adapt to, these (and other) changes occurring in and around you.  Feeling supported through times of challenges and opportunities may prove invaluable in the long run.  You will likely experience a rainbow of emotions, within that span of time. 


ix) Your investment in terms of time, effort, and money, will yield you back, multifold, if you took the needed time to bring your individual goals / dreams / intentions into fruition and thus experience true inner-growth in all areas of your life.  As the (modified) saying goes, “Gradual and consistent, wins the race (and sustains…)!”


If you have specific questions related to your unique situation, and would like to understand how our service offerings may apply to your individual needs, please contact us via http://wellnesswithnilanjana.com/pages/contact-me to set up a complimentary strategy session.  This will help us get to know you and your specific situation, and we will together, come up with a road map of how to best serve your needs.  Depending on where you are located, we can determine the best way to connect with you – phone, Skype (or any other agreed upon web-based tool), or in person!


Please note that this program may not be suitable for you, if you:

-       want a quick fix;

-       desire a one-size-fits-all “out of the box” solution;

-       like to be passive and receive instructions or “prescriptions”;

-       want results with minimal commitment / effort from your side; and

-       are not open to exploring different ideas, perspectives, or healing modalities


If you are resonating with the information shared, and are experiencing any degree of impulse to connect with us, then before your mental chatter or any other considerations, talk you out of it, please contact us ;-).  We are eagerly looking forward to connecting with you individually.  The link again for your complimentary strategy session is: http://wellnesswithnilanjana.com/pages/contact-me.  Hop onto our calendar and we shall take it from there!  


May you meet the grandest version of you and thus claim your rightful place in this world.  Many blessings on your journey…:-)


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